This one’s for you 80s action movie junkies:

In the blockbuster movie First Blood, ex-Vietnam special forces soldier and all-around badass-hermit John Rambo is harassed by a small-town sheriff and thrown in prison under questionable circumstances.  The abuse escalates in jail until Rambo unleashes his fury upon the local, unsuspecting authorities and ultimately obliterates the town and about 90,000 bad guys, give or take, with a big knife and some stuff he picked up from a store.

On July 29 at 6:37 PM, the Caddo Correctional Center may have put the wheels of havoc in motion when they booked Johnny Rambo III into the jail.  Considering what the last jailed Rambo did to that sleepy little town, things could get pretty bad if the authorities don’t mind their P’s and Q’s.  We urge his captors to treat him fairly and keep all inept guards carrying access keys out of Rambo’s sight.

After viewing the arrest details of the newest jailed Rambo, it doesn’t appear that he was at any point in his life in the US special forces.  And it states he was arrested for drugs and not being a drifter in the wrong town.  We can all breathe a sigh of relief.

We still urge the CCC to not draw first blood, and confide in Col. Trautman on how to properly handle this inmate.