An argument between two men in the 100 block of Southfield Road turned deadly Wednesday night. According to a press release from the Shreveport Police Department, Bryan Gibson of Bossier City was visiting a friend’s house in Shreveport when he got into a verbal altercation with a man.

The verbal altercation escalated, and Gibson armed himself and shot the man he had been arguing with. Shortly before the shooting, a phone call to police inside the house reported that an assault and battery was taking place.

When officers arrived, they observed Gibson outside of the residence. He was detained and interview on the scene. Officers then discovered the body of a male lying on the floor of the house. It was determined that the man in the house had been shot, and was pronounced dead at the scene. Police investigators also collected evidence and found a handgun they believe was used in the crime.

After being arrested and interviewed by Shreveport Police detectives, Gibson was charged with one count of Second Degree Murder. He is currently being held in the Shreveport City Jail.