Author: John Settle

Should Steven Jackson Be Allowed to Campaign for Shreveport Mayor, Much Less Be on The Caddo Commission?

Question: Should Steven Jackson Be Allowed to Campaign for Shreveport Mayor, Much Less Be on The Caddo Commission? It’s a good question. An even better one is whether Commissioner Steven Jackson should even be on the Caddo Commission while an employee of the David Raines Community Health Center (DRCHC). The Hatch Act of 1939, officially titled “An Act to Prevent Political Activities, is a United States federal law that prohibits federal employees from certain forms of political activity. A 1940 Amendment extended the act to include certain employees of state and local governments whose positions are primarily paid for...

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John Settle Shreveport: Why Does The Media Keep Getting All The Shreveport Airport Stories Wrong?

Over the past couple of months, the local media, notably local television reporters, have continued to miss key and important parts of a major local story playing out at the two Shreveport airports. There are a number of reasons for this. The story is complex. The person speaking for the Shreveport Airport Authority’s (SAA) side claims to have the support of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) behind him. With those two strikes against them, it is no wonder airport property owners are currently losing in the war of talking heads. The first media misinterpretation has to do with dirt....

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John Settle: Eighty New Police Officers For Shreveport This Year?

Yes, Virginia, it is an election year in Shreveport. And yes, current mayor Ollie Tyler is running for re-election. Maybe that explains her recent pie in the sky statement. Tyler wants to hire 80 new police officers this year. That’s is a tall order, considering many factors. Let’s start with money. The starting salary of a rookie officer is a tad under 34 grand. This means 80 officers will cost the city $2.72 million a year. Let’s just say they all start 1 July—which cuts down the needed bucks to $1.36 million for the remainder of the year. At...

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Shreveport mayor wannabes need to accept a cold hard political fact. Incumbents have a major advantage over challengers. And it’s no different with Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler. Currently Adrian Perkins, Lee O. Savage, Jim Taliaferro, Ray Smith and John Paul Young have said they will qualify for the mayoral election. From Tyler’s perspective, the more the merrier. She starts with a strong residual base from her slam-dunk victory in the 2014 runoff. And despite some leakage in support she still is in the catbird’s seat. Despite the constant complaints about crime, Tyler has an almost overwhelming arsenal of political...

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Will Patrols By Sheriff Deputies Lower Shreveport Crime?

In the near future, Shreveport residents can expect to see more white and brown cars of the Caddo Sheriff’s office on Shreveport streets. Well, not all the streets. Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator said sheriff deputy patrols will be in the areas of the city that are contiguous to the city limits. In essence, sheriff deputies will move into neighborhoods that are adjacent to the city limits. Prator’s announcement was after what he called “an unvarnished” discussion of the recent spate of Shreveport murders. Meeting in his office was Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler, Shreveport Police Chief Alan Crump, Shreveport City...

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