Author: John Settle

Understanding Shreveport’s Escalating Water Bills and A Possible Suez Solution

If you live in Shreveport and you have not had a heart attack or a near miss one when opening your monthly mail from The City of Shreveport Department of Water and Sewage (DOWUS), you can consider yourself to be both lucky and overdue for a real heart stopper. Almost every DOWUS costumer has incurred substantially increased DOWUS billings in the last few years, and there is little relief in sight for at least two reasons, not counting the effects, if any, of global warming. The first is that the water rates have increased three times since October 1,...

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MPC Executive Director Lists Reasons Why Office is Closed For Lunch

In a two page email to MPC Board members, MPC Executive Director Mark Sweeney listed the reasons that the MPC office has a “Closed For Lunch” office policy. His reasons are as follows: Having a designated hour off for lunch increases productivity. Having a designated hour for lunch is a “no cost perk” that MPC employees prefer. Having an hour off increases an employee’s efficiency. If the MPC was open between 12-1, and lunch breaks for employees were staggered, that does not necessarily mean the office will be more efficient. Its unhealthy not to take a lunch break. American workers sit too much, and its killing them. There have been virtually no complaints about the office closed for lunch. We are not the only deer in the forest! Sweeny’s memo advises that “if it is the will of the majority of the MPC Board members that the MPC office stays open during the lunch hours, as Executive Director I will immediately comply with that request.” (See letter below). The next meeting of the MPC board is on Wednesday, September 6 at 3 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Government Plaza. The Board should have on its agenda a vote on the “Closed for Lunch” policy. Readers are invited to express their opinions to the MPC Board of Directors: Theron Jackson-Chairman-(318) 636-6172 Nancy Cooper-Vice Chairman-(318) 205-8809 Winzer Andrews-Secretary-(318)...

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Shreveport Water and Sewage Worth Big Bucks to Suez

The City of Shreveport has the opportunity to realize big bucks and solve major civic headaches , all in one swoop, by negotiating with SUEZ, N.A. to either sell or operate its Water and Sewage Department (DOWUS).  Public private partnerships are becoming very common vehicles for private sector entities to assume a major share of the risks in terms of financing and construction of public sector infrastructure projects and this is what SUEZ is proposing to the City. SUEZ, N.A. has over 120 years of experience in water and waste water management, providing over 7.4 million residents with these...

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