Author: John Settle

What’s The Priority: Crime Crisis or Cross Bayou?

If Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler or the Shreveport City Council had a magic wand, what would they wish for? A proposed billion dollar development on Cross Bayou or safe streets? Would they want to fund infrastructure improvements for Cross Bayou or for more law enforcement assistance to mitigate murders—and find the criminals? Councilman Willie Bradford has partnered with Caddo Commissioner Steven Jackson to ask the Parish to fund a $1 million high tech crime detection system. They have not bothered to talk to Mayor Tyler or Shreveport Police Chief Crump to see if this system is even wanted. Bradford...

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A Perfect Solution For Developing Shreveport’s Cross Bayou

If government officials had a magic genie, they could wish for a clean slate on any proposed Cross Bayou development in downtown Shreveport. Last year, the Shreveport City Council unanimously defeated (6-0) a request by Mayor Ollie Tyler to engage bond counsel to help float municipal bonds for a proposed sports complex at Cross Bayou. That project was prompted by Tyler’s discussions with the New Orleans Pelicans, the professional basketball team that was seeking a home city for its G League basketball team. The sports complex was to anchor a mixed-use project proposed by out-of-town developers. Currently, a local...

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Resolution Supporting Cross Bayou Is A Bad Idea

So when did the Shreveport City Council start telling the Mayor what to do? That’s exactly what a resolution introduced by Councilman Willie Bradford attempts to accomplish. Bradford (not to be confused with city attorney Will Bradford) has introduced a resolution that reads that “the Shreveport City Council approves and authorizes the execution of a non-binding memorandum of Understanding between the City of Shreveport and Gateway Development Consortium, LLC regarding the development of Cross Bayou…” The Council will vote on the resolution on May 22. Needless to say, this notion went over like a lead balloon with Shreveport Mayor...

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Shreveport City Council Honors Joe Shyne

It was fitting that the Shreveport City Council voted unanimously on April 24th to place commemorative markers on Alton Street to celebrate the public service of former City Councilman Joe Shyne. Shyne has lived on Alton Street for over 40 years. It was appropriate that Council member Stephanie Lynch introduced the resolution. Lynce grew up living between Shyne and Jerry Tem Brooks, another black Shreveport pioneer. Shyne represented District F on the Shreveport City Council for 23 years. He served from November 1982 to January 1994; November 1995 to November 2002; and November 2006 to December 2014. Shyne has...

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And The Problems Just Keep Coming For The Shreveport Caddo MPC

Like an old dog with fleas, a bad hip, and a leaky bladder, the problems of the Shreveport Caddo Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) just keep becoming more and more obvious, –and harder to ignore. Seemingly these are not a concern for the MPC Executive Director Mark Sweeney. He just had a tax payer paid holiday with key staff members this past weekend in the Big Easy at a convention. Of course he took along the MPC Board member who hired him, Lea Desmarteau, and her MPC BFF Nancy Cooper, who is now MPC vice president. And Winzer Andrews who...

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