Author: John Settle

Is The Shreveport Airport Authority Threatening Private Aviation?

It’s safe to say that neither the Downtown Airport (DTN) or Shreveport Regional Airport (SHV) are considered to be tourist attractions. However, if general aviation is your business or hobby, these airports are like a second home. Problem is that since the arrival of the current Shreveport Airport Authority (SAA) Director of Airports Henry Thompson, these airports have become more a battleground than a retreat. Thompson took the helms as airport director in November 2015, after serving over 20 years at the San Francisco International Airport. Thompson relocated to Shreveport after an employment dust-up in the City by the...

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Facts Be Damned, Stonecipher Sees Corruption Everywhere

Local blogger Elliott Stonecipher regularly publishes on He is a self-appointed “corruption scout”. In practically every column he writes he paints someone with his corruption brush. To date, Stonecipher has published six rants railing against the April 28 Shreveport tax vote. As usual, Stonecipher is long on hyperbole, short on facts and imprecise in his conclusions. As he denounces the proposed tax vote in his February 25 blog, Stonecipher states unequivocally that Shreveport’s government “deserves no vote of confidence.” He alludes to “corruption and financial waste” as his reasoning for his position. He does not bother to substantiate...

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Caddo Commission Wrings Their Hands Over Juvenile Detention Center Challenges

Urgent Message from Caddo Juvenile Judges to Caddo Commission: “Houston, we have a BIG problem on 1 July!” Response by Commission to Judges: “ We know, but its YOUR problem.” No, this was not the dialogue at the last Caddo Commission meeting on March 22, but it pretty well sums it up. Caddo Juvenile Judge Paul Young, joined by Judges Ree Casey and David Matlock, made a detailed presentation to the Commission of the reality, come July 1, of the challenges they will face at the Caddo Juvenile Detention Facility. On that date, 17-year-old juveniles awaiting case disposition will...

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Playing The Waiting Game On The April 28th Tax Millages Vote

It’s a deafening silence…and one that very few at City Hall want to acknowledge, much less talk about. Of course, it’s early yet. But it IS the big elephant in the room and it’s getting harder for the Mayor and the Council to ignore the looming vote on April 28 on 6 tax millages. Collectively they total 7.350 mills that should generate a little over $11 million per year. Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler stumbled out of the gate earlier this year when launching her campaign for the millages. The glossy brochure touting the election was produced by the Administration...

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Pageants Promise Economic Boost for Shreveport-Bossier. Are They Right?

It’s now official—Shreveport Bossier will host both the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA beauty pageants in May. In what was certainly a late announcement, pageant officials confirmed on Monday, March 19 that both events will be held in Shreveport. The Miss Teen USA pageant is scheduled for May 17 or 18 and Miss USA for May 21. Miss USA was held in Shreveport in 1998 and 1999. Miss Teen USA was filmed here in 1999, 2000 and 2001. Contestants will stay at the Margarita Casino Hotel. They will begin arriving on May 11. Miss Teen USA will be...

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