DENHAM SPRINGS, LA, FEBRUARY 4, 2016 – Lawyer and small businesswoman, Caroline Fayard, officially entered Louisiana’s race for United States Senate today.

In a video outlining her vision for a new generation of leadership, she said:

“This year you will be hiring Louisiana’s next United States Senator, and I am applying for the job.”

A pro-life, pro-business, conservative Democrat, Fayard feels strongly that Louisiana’s contributions to the rest of the country are undervalued, and it is time for a new generation of leadership with a vision for the future:

“This election is about the future, not the past.  I’m not a career politician, and I’m not running for Senate because I want a better parking spot on Capitol Hill or because I’m a guy who thinks it’s his turn.”

 “I’m running because it’s time we got our eye back on the ball about the true purpose of government—namely the prosperity, safety and security of this country and its citizens.”

Over the coming weeks Fayard will travel the state to discuss her ideas to help create and keep Louisiana jobs, provide common sense leadership that will protect Louisiana’s energy economy, and secure our borders and protect our nation.

More Information about Caroline Fayard, including the full web video, can be found throughout the campaign at Video transcript and biography available upon request.