SkyMall was born in 1990 in Phoenix, AZ to its Father Bob Worsley. Prior to SkyMall dying on January 23rd, 2015, SkyMall  ad annual circulation of over 20 Million on airplanes all over the world. SkyMall filed for Bankruptcy in January, 2015.

SkyMall offered the most amazing and useful products. Now, we will leave you with our favorite SkyMall products.

The Weird Pillow. While we are not sure if anyone ever actually purchased the pillow that this guy is sleeping on, we sure enjoyed seeing him every time we got on a flight and thumbed through the magazine. skymall pillow guy
High Waist Control Boxer Brief

The Upright Sleeper

Retro Cellphone Handsets

The Big Sports Chair

Head Spa Massager

Personal Sauna

Sumo Statue

Flashlight Slippers

Core Exerciser

Photo Sources: SkyMall Tumbler