Author: Kenneth O'Brock

Texas Teen May Face Life in Prison for Pot Brownie, Hash Possession

Between the ages of 16 and 24, kids (yes, you’re still a kid.  You’re brain does fully develop until 25) do really stupid things.  Illegal things.  Things you look back five to ten years later and regret.  But imagine one of those mistakes potentially landing you in prison for life? 19-year old Jacob Lavoro, was arrested last month after police found 1.5 pounds of pot brownies, a pound of marijuana, scales, some cash, and dozens of baggies with pot and hash oil at his Round Rock, TX, apartment.   He faces five years to life in prison. The Texas county...

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First Shreveport Garbage, Now Water Workers, Call in Sick

It appears that working for the City of Shreveport is enough to make one sick, or at least call in sick. This week has been quite tumultuous for the some Shreveport city departments, and more could follow.  The beginning of the week saw a strike-style “sick-out” by members of the Shreveport Solid Waste Division, where garbage collectors collectively decided to call in sick in protest of low pay and poor, out-dated equipment.  Now, eight workers from the city water department have called in sick in an identical protest for an increase in their wages.  Whether more city workers will...

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Happy Edwin Edwards Day!

August 7, 2014 has been declared Edwin Edwards Day by the mayor of Austin, TX.   We’ll pause while you collect yourself from having your mind blown away by that little golden nugget of information. Really, even without Louisiana’s current leadership batting an eye regarding that designation, it’s EWE Day for us all here in the Bayou State and proper celebratory activities are in order for an occasion like this.  We’ve compiled a list of appropriate Edwin Edwards Day activities for you, your friends, and your trophy wives to enjoy.   1. Work in at least one of these...

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Louisiana Football Poll 2014: Who Do You Want To Win it All

  We’re sorry, because this is really gonna be a tough choice for some of you. Let’s be real: our two most popular state football teams can’t be national/world champions every year, even if that is a possibility given that they’re in different levels football.  Hate to bust your bubble, but (at least) one of these teams will not win a championship this year. So we pose a questions to you: If you could pick just one team to win a championship in 2014, which major Louisiana team would it be?  The LSU Tigers, or the New Orleans...

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This one’s for you 80s action movie junkies: In the blockbuster movie First Blood, ex-Vietnam special forces soldier and all-around badass-hermit John Rambo is harassed by a small-town sheriff and thrown in prison under questionable circumstances.  The abuse escalates in jail until Rambo unleashes his fury upon the local, unsuspecting authorities and ultimately obliterates the town and about 90,000 bad guys, give or take, with a big knife and some stuff he picked up from a store. On July 29 at 6:37 PM, the Caddo Correctional Center may have put the wheels of havoc in motion when they booked...

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