Author: Hank Miller

Shreveport Ranks As Worst Place In America To Find A Job

Bad news if you’re looking for a job in the Shreveport area. According to a study by, Shreveport ranks 182nd out of 182 cities surveyed when it comes to finding a job. In front of Shreveport are cities such as Detroit, Michigan which came in at 181, and Jackson, Mississippi which got the 164 spot. Shreveport was determined to have worst job market and the 8th worst socio-economic score. According to the article, the surveyors looked at 26 indicators such as the number of jobs available, employment growth, unemployment rate and job satisfaction. They also looked as socio-economic...

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Shaun King’s Facebook Post About Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator Goes Viral

Political activist Shaun King took to social media today to denounce Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator after the Sheriff released a video where he discussed the upcoming release of prisoners from the Caddo Correctional Center. The video has already been viewed over 400,000 times from King’s facebook page. Shaun King’s FB post: The prisoners are being released under the Judicial Reinvestment Act, which seeks to release prisoners who are convicted of nonviolent crimes and have demonstrated good behavior. The Sheriff also noted in an earlier episode of his Straight Shootin’ video series that not all of the prisoners being...

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Meals on the Red Needs 600 Volunteers for March 2015 Event

In just one day, local volunteers will prepare 200,000 prepackaged meals to be used to feed the hungry in the Shreveport area over the next year. Numana Inc. will host Meals On the Red on March 28, 2015, at the Supper Club at 610 Commerce St. in downtown Shreveport, and they need your help.  The non-profit is asking for 600 local volunteers to join them from 10 AM to 4PM that day.  Volunteers will help in shifts of two hours and can select open time slots on the Numana Meals on the Red volunteer page. Numana is a non-profit...

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Video of Arrest Involving Bossier City Police Raises Questions

Last week, the video below was posted to YouTube claiming to show Bossier City Police officers arresting a man outside a local store.  The video appears to show the officers insisting with the suspect to stop resisting arrest, to which the suspect and the person filming reply that he is not resisting. While the arrest seems justified – the woman filming admits he stole some items from the store – there are some that will view this as police officers using excessive force to subdue to suspect. At certain points the officers can be seen punching the suspect repeatedly...

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Magnolia Mayor’s “Don’t Use Social Media” Letter Winds Up on Social Media

Here’s a great example of something going completely opposite of what was intended: Magnolia, AR, Mayor Parnell Vann sent a letter to city workers instructing to refrain from using social media to complain about City Hall issues.  Of course, the letter ended up on social media. According to KTBS, the letter was dated August 22 and found it’s way to the news station via an anonymous source. The letter (pictured above) states the following: To all city employees, I strongly urge you to not use social media to vent on any city or county government issues. If you are...

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